Line Drive Public Affairs

Line Drive Public Affairs, LLC is a full-service firm dedicated to providing clients with custom public affairs and communications strategy, guidance, and execution. With expertise gained at the highest levels of political communications, Line Drive can handle excruciating pressure and tight deadlines, calmly performing when it is needed most. Clear and concise messaging, delivered effectively, is where winning campaigns begin. Swing hard and make contact with Line Drive.  

Tim Murtaugh – Founder & Principal

Tim Murtaugh has served at the highest levels of political communications, under the greatest pressures, and is a steadying influence, able to plan and execute calmly to achieve maximum effectiveness. He has extensive experience in running national messaging, as well as in breaking down communications specific to states and local communities. His career encompasses serving as Communications Director for the most-watched political campaign in world history – the Trump 2020 campaign – plus a body of impressive work on statewide campaigns, congressional races, and in senior leadership positions at national political committees. He has overseen public relations strategies in states from Hawaii to Maine and has led successful targeted advocacy efforts for individuals, organizations, and legislative proposals using all available avenues: publications, press events and releases, media appearances, paid television and radio advertisements, social media, direct mail, and Internet videos. In short, if there is a message to be delivered to an audience, he knows how to craft it, how to send it, and to whom to direct it.